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In many cases an insured solution is the best solution. This can apply to a young family with concern for spouses and children, or a major international institution with thousands of employees looking for key man insurance on their CEO.


Tom Faranda earned the universally recognized Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) professional designation in 1986. As well as health and disability insurance on both an individual and group basis he has written large amounts of life insurance for business, estate and individual situations.


Our insurance business DBA is Thomas G. Faranda & Associates and we have expertise in all business and estate situations, including trusteed policies, key man insurance, buy-sell arrangements, bonus plans, and all other business needs. We typically do not recommend life insurance as a cash accumulation vehicle, but instead look to provide the lowest cost protection for whatever length of time necessary.


We also will recommend tax deferred annuities when appropriate. We most often use annuities with no ongoing internal fees – providing a high level of cost effectiveness.


Unlike our investment management and financial counseling which is always fee-based, we follow the insurance industry practice of being paid on commission by the insurer. We deal with multiple companies on a brokerage basis, so you can be assured that our loyalty is to our client and not any insurance company.