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Every individual, every family, every business, every estate situation, is unique. Accordingly, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach or offer model portfolios. Since each situation and prospective client has their own needs, aspirations, and goals, we start by listening. This is absolutely paramount.

Then, getting down to the nuts and bolts of financial counseling and investment management, here are some of our questions as regards your financial goals.

  1. What are your family, business and community responsibilities?
  2. Are there any written or unwritten understandings within your family as far as personal or financial responsibilities?
  3. Do you have a legal fiduciary responsibility for the assets under your care?
  4. What margin of safety do you require?
  5. Are you a long or short term investor – or somewhere in between?
  6. Do you understand and are comfortable with assets you currently own?
  7. Do you have an opinion on active v. passive portfolio management?
  8. How important is guaranteed income?

By reflecting on these sort of questions people frequently have a change of perspective on their financial situation and obligations. This allows us to build plans and portfolios custom designed for the individual, family or business. We welcome your contacting us for a further discussion!